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Personal Project
2021 - Current

This project was started with the question “How far can I reach?”

︎︎︎What is Metabun_ny?
A bun at a burgershop in New York escaped to the metaverse and became Metabun_ny. In the metaverse, it can be ANY-THING/ONE it wants to be.

︎︎︎How many Metabun_ny in total?

︎︎︎Is Metabun_ny a generative art?
NO. Metabun_ny is a collection of 999 3D custom-made NFTs. Each 999 Metabun_ny is uniquely created by the artist every day. It is not programmatically generated. It is 3D rendered which has endless utilities in the metaverse. This is why Metabun_ny is different from most other NFT collections.


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