Kiaf Plus [Metabun_ny World] Exhibition 

Branding, Exhibition Booth Design


For my own exhibition at KIAF PLUS, I took charge of the branding, which was applied to merchandise, promotions, and posters. Moreover, I designed the booth for the event.

Branding inspiration:

Metabun_ny is a one-of-a-kind character that I created. Its story revolves around being an ordinary burger bun in reality, but it bravely chooses to escape to the metaverse, a realm where it can transform into anything or anyone it desires. This character symbolizes my own yearning for limitless freedom.

Given its origin from a burger shop, I couldn't help but wonder how the burger shop would manifest in the metaverse. Drawing inspiration from the classic tile patterns found in typical burger shops, I infused the design with a subtle waviness to impart a sense of uniqueness and surrealism to the space. 

Exhibition booth design:

Since this exhibition showcased my AR artworks, my primary goal was to immerse the audience in a unique experience that would transport them to a realm between the physical and digital worlds. To enhance this captivating experience, we designed a special photo zone where people could use their phones to interact with AR Metabun_ny and take photos with it, blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination.

Early stage designs: