Surreal Music Living Room

Personal Project
at New York University
Dec 2021

3D modeling/animation with


Develop an interactive experience with


During COVID, my living room served as my playground, workplace, and family space. It became my entire world. To preserve the memory of this exceptionally surreal and isolating period in my life, I have embarked on a project that centers around my living room. In order to share this experience, I have developed an interactive digital artwork that allows anyone to engage and empathize. I aim for the overall experience to evoke a sense of surrealism and loneliness, mirroring the emotions I experienced throughout the last two years of the COVID pandemic.

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(Design Process)

First, I recreated a model of my actual living room.

To enhance the surreal atmosphere, I adjusted the view and cleared the surrounding background. I played around with different objects and animations, eventually rendering the final animation for each object.

Here are final four surreal objects in the room:

After importing the animations into the p5.js editor, I proceeded to develop the necessary code.

Arduino test:
Every time people push the buttons, they will be able to see different objects appearing on the stage.