Yeseul O and Metabun_ny
2021, New York

︎︎︎Metabun_ny Discord

Yeseul O is a multidisciplinary designer based in New York. She worked at Google, Sagmeister & Walsh, Verizon, IDEO, and so on.

She recently started her new journey at New York University. She is an MPS candidate at ITP New York University. 

She is also a digital artist and a creator of the NFT project ‘Metabun_ny. She was bored with her life in NY and wondered if she could be whatever, wherever she wanted to be. Metabun_ny represents a desire to live differently and freely.

︎︎︎ Master’s degree
︎ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) from New York University (23)

︎︎︎ Bachelor’s degrees
︎Graphic Design from School of Visual Arts (18)
︎Economics from Yonsei University (15)

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