Worldmaking with Unity


Metabun_ny Escape

‘Metabun_ny Escape’ is a game that introduces my NFT project ‘Metabun_ny. In this game, Metabun_ny recalls the past life in a burger shop in New York. In order to escape, it needs to destroy everything in the store.
Metabun_ny represents those who are tired of ordinary life. After breaking down the burger shop, it leaves to the metaverse. In the metaverse, it can be any-thing/one it wants to be.

1. I built the store in Cinema4D and imported in Unity. I did every 3d modelings by myself.

3D modeling in Cinema 4D

︎︎︎Import to Unity

2. I refered to Unity tutorials and developed the game (after so many trials and errors). For now, main player can move around the store and knock down furnitures, crashes everything when it collides. I only managed to do it dining area but will do same for kitchen area.

3. To do list:
︎Add sound effect
︎Add jump mode to player
︎Count score when player collides
︎After certain score the door open
︎Escape to the next scene(metaverse)

4. Technical issues to be fixed
Shadow is not showing from certain angles of Camera in the Scene. And it is not showing at all in the Game.


It's a game that introduces the NFT project ‘Metabun_ny’. The artist was bored with her life in NY and wondered if she could be whatever, wherever she wanted to be. She created a unique character by projecting herself into the burger bun of the burger shop. It also represents those who are tired of ordinary life. In this game, Metabun_ny breaks down the burger shop and leaves in the end. In the metaverse, it can be ANY-THING/ONE it wants to be.

Monument Valley game

Destroying/Smashing games (this is a bad example but earning points by destroying)

Unity 3D game tutorials 


Developed a character / script

_Game script:
There is a bun at a burgershop in New York. It did not want to end up becoming a burger and escaped to the metaverse. When it successfully earned enough points through destroying a burgershop and escaped, it becomes Metabun_ny. In the metaverse, it can be ANY-THING/ONE it wants to be.

_Develop a character in C4D:

_Plan the environment (in progress)


_? Export fbx and import it to Unity
Before exporting fbx, I baked the object first to export its material. I tried many times with different settings but can’t find the way to make it not pixelated. How can I fix this?


_Started to customize the scene

I had some troubles when:

1. tried to move unity file between different computers. If the unity version is different, is there any other way to make it work instead of installing the same version?

2. spent hours to find the way to import fbx with texture to Unity from C4D


LIKELIKE ONLINE/OMOMA was my favorite. I played some of the games on the list and some were difficult to play, less developed or I felt uncomfortable due to uncanny valley when it has weird 3d human characters. What I love about this game is its classic game design. Every stage feels like pixel art. And each room has unexpected rules, objects, stories which makes me not bored of this game. It was easy and intuitive to play.