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Project 1 


Public Space
AI Art Gallery

I opened up a Discord server where anyone can be an artist and share their artworks created by AI. I tried Midjourney, AI tool which can create images from textural descriptions. And here are some interesting results. 


Also I want to share and find its weird results from unbalanced database. 


1. Interactive Mural (Street Art)

When you walk around the city, you can see some beautiful murals. It’s more powerful and direct than artworks in museums. It can deliver a strong message or be an iconic image of the community. If there’s a way people can add messages or drawings to the mural, it would be an amazing way to gather thoughts and see them in artistic way. 

+ AR / Live updated web 

2. Eye contact (Performace Art)

Eye contact between two people can be really moving. Especially when you knew the story between them. What if two people from similar background, race, gender sit and communicate only with their eyes? Would they find the bond between them? Could it be a healing process?

3. Record your concerns (Sound art)

Sometimes knowing people have same concerns with me helps. Put flyers on streets and and there’s number on the flyer. Anyone can call and record their messages. AI system filters the messages and categorize them into certain topics. It can be an installation art or in website form.
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