Pcom project2


Update design assets + build physical controller

Test with mouse


3D render design assets + p5js code

First I tried to import obj file and run it with ml5, but it slowed the whole program and couldn’t use it. Then I tried p5js basic 3d objects, 2d elements but it was rather boring or slowing the whole program when it gets complicated.

Then I tried gif. It doesn’t slow the program that much and can be animated so it seems like the second best option.

The first step was creating this simple and short looping abstract flower.

The gif works fine in p5js! 
Cezar helped me to figure out how to scaling, image cropping and other technical things.

Then I cropped the image and align two same videos next to each other to show two different effects. And cover those with simple interface. 

I am not sure about controller yet. So I just used potentiometer to see if it’s work with analog input. It works great.


Ideas and Plan

Idea: Blooming flowers on your face


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