Multisensory Storytelling

_Showing Tree

I volunteered at two different venues - a hotel and ITP floor. And it was interesting to see that even though the two places were different from each other in every way, (scale, atmosphere, interior, dress code, ...) people seem to have the same experience. The same experience of being teleported into the forest and becoming a Tree. I could see how powerful and accessible the VR experience could be when VR headsets and sense simulator gears become more commercialized. It was also great to learn how all sense simulators work in a VR show.


I’ve never felt starving while watching a movie. It was odd yet inspiring film. Taste is the main sense of characters in the film which makes every situation odd. It feels almost surreal since sight is usually the main sense of people. And all characters seem to be completely dominated by the sense of taste, especially those in short stories in the film. If I could taste the food which characters are having in the film in the same way as the characters, it would make me feel more relate to them. And if we can switch the main sense of ourselves and the sensitivity of it through stimulate brain wave or somehow, that could be also an interesting element in VR experinece.

_Week 7 In the Eyes of Animal & Giant

In the Eyes of Animal
I thought VR was like a mirror of our world. After experiencing In the Eyes of Animal, I learned that VR can be a microscope of our reality and it shows what we can’t see with our eyes. It was interesting to be different animals than human. And exploring the world in their ways was inspiring. 

Some said VR is a greater invention than letters because it can put people in the narrative. As doing so, we can more empathize with others through experiencing their life. I could feel the same fear that family in VR went through. And it made me worried about them more compared to watching or reading the similar stories in the media. Haptics(vibration) made it more realistic. 

_Week 6 Metahuman

_Week 5

Notes on Blindness

First, I loved the visuals depicting the sound percieved by a blind man. Little particles are visualizing the sound as he mentions about it, it was such a creative way to depict the scene by sound. But same audio seems like reused a lot,  it was not that immersive for me. 


The only app I didn’t get motion sickness.
I had to empty my living room to play it but it was so fun to really get to walk around the VR space. Graphics feel little childish. Hope there were more options to play in the game. Really like the last scene, having a bird view of every stage together as a big island and play things as like I’m a giant.



It felt like I was part of the movie even though I don't have any controls. Not as their friends, but I felt more like a ghost sitting on a passenger seat. Everything is real time scale and it makes the experience more immersive. It was so immersive that even though the movie was short about 3 min, it felt much longer than that. It conveys important moments without showing us unneccessary ones, the story was tight. Spatial audio was amazing. For example, it sounds really different when they sing inside vs outside of the car, which makes the VR experience more real. 

Gloomy Eyes

Pearl was like I was transported into the movie itself, Gloomy Eyes was more like I was in the virtual theatre. Since it leads me where to see by using lightings, and audio. It was interesting stages are disappearing and appearing around the viewer 360 degree. Spatial audio works amazing. I followed the audio to discover new scenes. 3D graphics, characters, animation are unique and well polished. Only downside was the experience overall was too dark and it was hard for me to see the elements since I have night blindness(?).