I added sound effects to the previous project of mine. Whenver you click the canvas, the new set of 3d-like words is created and it makes sound based on the mouseX position. 

And I searched ‘music’ in other languages and they are applied randomly.




Pixelating video interested me the most. So I decided to take the shape of pixels further into emojis. I used emoji sets of fruit 🍋🫐🥝🍒 to pixelate the live video.

? : I set 3 different thresholds but it doesn’t work properly. 


ICM week2


This week, I created a p5js sketch where I can draw with my computer. I draw circles by dragging mouse and my computer draw rotating lines, little random squares at the same time.

Here is our first drawing together:

Big Bang
by Yeseul Oh, her MacBook

ICM week 1


How computation applies to my interest?

During the second year of my career as graphic designer, my creative routine was on repeat every day. It did not foster true creativity. I always sat at a desk, turned on the computer and drew on my pad. I felt that I was constrained by the tools I used.

Like many designers, I was too reliant on what technology offers rather than questioning how tools can further stimulate one’s expressive capabilities. I longed to be a “creator”, not an obedient “user” of technology and tools. 

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