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CL Hypercinema week7




Idea :
The gamified society

We are now living in a gamified society where our whole life is based on points, as they are the foundations that eventually determine our social standing and overall accessibility to everything. Depending on the difficulty of the game, you gain a certain number of points when you win, but also lose points if you lose. Points are also deducted if you violate the code of conduct.

Overly obsessed with your points, you find the center of your life gravitating towards finding opportunities to elevate your points greatly and making great strides to improve your socioeconomic status. You just got accepted to your dream school, but to take out a loan from the bank to cover your tuition, you need to have a total of 1000 points. You are currently at 600 and the school requires the payment be done by the end of this week. Running out of time, you play every game you find, regardless of the possibilities of losing. You win some, but you also lose some. Finally, you have reached your goal of 1000 points. On your way to the bank, you are so excited you bought yourself a donut to celebrate. Without knowing, you take your receipt, scrunch it up and throw it to the ground. The system is watching your every move, and with this slight misstep, you lose every point you have earned.



CL Hypercinema week6


Stop Motion

We brainstormed ideas first. 

And each of us pick one and developed it. 

She always loves to rip off tissues and other stuffs. So I suddenly wondered, what if she borns from it. 

And this cool piece is made by my project partner, Zeal. It was really fun idea how toy walks in and out of the digital screen.

CL Hypercinema week5


Synthetic Media

Idea: Gender inequality in the film industry

Like many other industries, film industry has been male dominated. Women only represented 16% of directors working on the 100 highest-grossing films in 2020. People like directors, screenwriters, investors who hold power are still mostly men. And this chart from BBC shows the proportion of words spoken by characters with more than 100 words, show how much it has been male-dominated.

So we wondered, how it would look and feel if the film industry is female dominated or at least eqaul.

Concept: What if the film industry is dominated by women?

We chose some famous films with most stereotyped, cliche male main character in it. And we recreated its poster to  look like woman is the main character.

First, we tried face swap in RunwayML, but it didn’t work properly. Here are some failures:

So we decided to use Faceapp to swap the gender. Instead, we used RunwayML to mat the image and enhance the image quality if it is low res.


1. Remove the background (RunwayML)

2. Change the gender (Faceapp)      3. Make it high-res (RunwayML)

4. Edit body figures / add noise / touch ups (Photoshop)

007 No Time To Die



Lord of Rings

Harry Potter

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