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AR with Lens Studio

Week 6

_Meet your Metabun_ny 

AR is a bridge connecting reality and imagination. Through AR we can visit the imaginary world or invite imaginary beings into our world. For the final project, I decided to bring the digital character that I created into life. Only AR technology could make this happen.

︎︎︎Metabun_ny AR Filter1


This is my 3D Character I’m going to use. I designed it in C4D.

Imported it into Lens Studio.

Originally I also wanted to develop AR filter for dogs but I could only found 2D face filter supported for dogs.

I was just wondering and maybe 2 person filter worked for dog and it recognized my dog as a person for a second. What a happy accident.

︎︎︎Metabun_ny AR Filter 2

It exceeds file limit so I couldn’t try it or publish it. Maybe because of Tween Manager? I used it to make Metabun_ny rotate around the head like a planet. 

Week 5

_Metabun_ny Gallery

I created an AR filter that users can appreciate Metabun_ny anywhere anytime.
I exported some fbx files and imported them into Lens Studio.

︎It’s interesting how glass material reflects the environment in real time. It definitely makes the experience more real. 

︎I pinned objects before recorded it. It sometimes work well but sometimes it didn’t work and floated around. 

Week 4

_Body Tracking

This week I created an unconventional garment AR filter using a rubber duck.

I imported 3D models and attached them to the spine altogether so they can move as one piece.

And here are videos with my dress.

And I tried it on myself.

Week 3

_Image Tracking

I thought this can be applied to business cards/promotional flyers etc and help people to understand the business in a fun visual way.

I decided to make AR filters to promote my NFT project. First, I printed two small cards in a size that can be easily handed out to people.

And I created an animation and exported fbx file for each card. 

1. Video


2. 3D Object

︎︎︎ Problem: It has completely diffrent colors from what it was supposed to be after exporting it on C4D.


This week we explored one of the analog AR methods, using transparent paper as a new layer to the world. I drew some cute monsters planning to invade the city. It would be fun if they are animated. They are appeared one by one, eyeballing and scratching windows on the building. 


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