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Surreal Music Living Room

Personal Project
at New York University
Dec 2021

3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Creative Coding

3D modeling/animation with Cinema4D
Develop an interactive experience with p5.js

During COVID, my living room was my playground, workplace, and family space. It was my whole world. 

To keep the memory of this most unreal, milestone, lonlely era of my life, I decided to create a project which takes in my living room. And to share it, I programmed an interactive experience so anyone can play and empathize.

I want the whole experience to feel surreal and lonely just like what I felt last two years during COVID.

Do you want to play?︎ CLICK


Four diffrent surreal objects in the room

Design Process

First, I modeled a living room after the actual one.

To maximize the surreal atmosphere, I adjusted the view and clear the surrounding background.
And tried different objects, animations.

Then I imported animations into p5.js editor and developed code.

+ Add a special instrument 

Arduino test:
Everytime peopel push the buttons, they can see different objects on the stage.

3D printed controller
(in progress)

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